The platform is looking to cater for the sharing economy

Marsh has announced the launch of a cloud-based digital broker platform for the affinity market called Bluestream which it hopes to scale to a broader client base next year.

The broker is currently accepting beta clients for it.

And it hopes the platform will cater to the sharing economy, a market that traditional insurers do not typically look at.

It claims to provide the brokers clients with a “new streamlined way to offer insurance products and services to their customers, contractors and employees.”

John Drzik, president of global risk and digital at Marsh said that the platform will provide its “affinity clients with new insurance solutions.”

Sharing economy

Drzik explained that the new platform is “particularly relevant” for global clients in digitally advanced sectors as well as digital native organisations like the sharing economy.

Sastry Durvasula, chief digital officer and chief data and analytics officer at Marsh added: “The new economy is forcing organisations to rethink how they interact with customers who more than ever expect on-demand, individualised, and intuitive digital experiences.

“With Bluestream, we are using cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics to help our clients enrich their customer relationships and grow their business by delivering insurance in a whole new way.”

What does the platform do?

Marsh claim the platform will “seamlessly integrate with clients’ existing digital channels and user experience”.

It will connect with the global insurance marketplace through application program interfaces (API’s).

Clients will be provided with advanced reporting and analytics on their insurance programs and access to emerging technology services such as blockchain and machine learning.

Other aspects include a flexible payments engine and the ability to integrate “emerging technologies” such as certificates of insurance on the blockchain and chatbot assistants using artificial intelligence.

 Marsh also announced earlier this week that is it is to combine its specialty business with JLT.