’Handlers are becoming increasingly frustrated by challenges around delays and customer communication,’ says chief executive

UK insurers have been urged to transform document management systems as more claims handlers are struggling to retrieve and review claims documents and evidence.

According to figures from Sprout.ai, more than a third of UK handlers (36%) were having such issues, compared to 14% in the US.

The data, which was published in the insurtech’s Customer experience: The claims handler’s perspective report, also gave an insight from handlers over what customers want.

Some 28% said they received complaints about delays or lack of communication, while 20% said they experience requests for more transparency in the claims process.

“Claims handlers are responsible for the most important moment for an insurance carrier – delivering on their service promise,” Roi Amir, chief executive of Sprout.ai, said.

”They know the claims process inside and out and they’re deeply invested in making it easier for customers, as well as themselves, as pressure can be high at these critical moments.

“The report confirms what we already knew – handlers are becoming increasingly frustrated by challenges around delays and customer communication.”


Amir also noted that there was a ”real gap between what’s promised and the actual service delivered”.

For example, he noted that although customers increasingly expect quick settlements, many wait more than two weeks, with some processes stretching beyond 30 days.

However, he stressed the research highlighted that insurers show “clear intent to exceed customer expectations”.

Figures also revealed that 95% of claims handlers said they were confident technology will impact claims processing in the next five years.

Amir said claims handlers viewed “technology as the answer” to issues in the claims process.

”This is a really promising development for the insurance industry – technology has the potential to turbocharge claims processing,” he added.

”For instance, using AI can take a typical claims process from 30 days to real-time and free up handlers’ time to deliver more personalised and empathetic customer communication.”