An Insurance Times poll during the webinar revealed that legacy systems were the main barrier, can you guess what the other barriers were?

The insurance industry is still somewhat held back by legacy systems

But the Covid-19 pandemic has put the insurance industry under significant pressure to adapt digitally to remote working as well as customers increasingly demanding more flexibility from their insurance products. 

On 30 June Insurance Times held a webinar sponsored by Datastax to explore the various ways to mitigate the challenges posed by siloed back-end systems. 

It examined how insurers can address historic problems and develop tools such as a 360 degree customer view, anti-fraud solutions and profiled dashboards to effectively manage customers data. 

Panellists included:

  • Matt Scott, insights editor at Insurance Times 
  • Giuliano Altamura, financial services business unit manager at Fincons Group
  • Amarjit Basra, data architect at DataStax
  • Patrick Callaghan, vice president of value engineering at DataStax
  • Des McCavitt, chief operating officer at the Insurance Practice

Watch the full webinar below:

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