Working from home may have increased productivity for some but what other challenges are broker and the insurance industry facing?

With the UK in lockdown technology has been vital in maintaining business as usual, in the second of our series coronavirus themed webinars our expert panel discuss the day to day running of remote teams, the challenges that brokers are facing and the ongoing business interruption saga. 

Sponsored by Applied Systems the webinar on 24 June Insurance Times’s expert panel questions whether the crisis will prove to be the prompt the industry needs to move into the digital age and the changes needed to adapt to flexible working. 


  • Saxon East, content director at Insurance Times
  • Andy Fairchild, chief executive at Applied Systems Europe
  • Neil Grimshaw, director at Ravenhall Risk Solutions
  • Adam Khalifa, head of EMEA financial services at Google
  • Carl Shuker, group chief executive at A-Plan Group

Grimshaw, discussed how the way productivity in the workplace is measured might shift as more firms adapt to home working. 

But the panel also cited that working from home could also cause mental health issues, Fairchild gave the example of an employee’s home working space also doubling up as a living area, kitchen, play area for the children and a place to work out.

Meanwhile, Khalifa said that digital transformation is a current global trend, with firms “doubling down” on their technology innovations and implementations – he highlighted that more has been achieved in the lockdown months compared to years in the pre-Covid era.

On the flipside of this, brokers have a “big opportunity” to fill the communication gap left by direct insurers during the Covid-19 pandemic according to Shuker, he said that policyholders are still “really keen to speak to somebody” and that “technology is not the answer” when it comes to insurance queries.

Watch the full webinar here:

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Webinar Brokers & coronavirus: What challenges will brokers face post-covid and what role will technology play this year and beyond