An ex-Independent Insurance director has proved just how arrogant and disillusioned the senior executives were at the ill-fated insurer.

During last year's May Day riots, a gang of the great unwashed descended on a sleepy village in the commuter belt where a number of rich corporate-types lived.

Our ex-Indie protagonist was not amused when his country pile was viciously attacked by anti-capitalists daubing slogans such "capitalist scum" on his wall.

Naturally he wanted to make a claim.

But his household insurance had been with Independent.

So, to the gall of his ex-colleagues, he rang Aurora, the Indie run-off company, to ask for his claim to be paid.

According to our source, he asked whether "it could be put through, as a favour, for old time's sake".

Unfortunately, the reply he got is unprintable.

For legal reasons, Backchat cannot name the ex-director.