Cheap web access for brokers

Intermediaries are being offered cheap access to the internet from Norwich Union which is providing a web design service and low cost internet access.

The insurer has teamed-up with internet service provider Netcom to offer a three-page web site, unlimited internet access with up to 20 e-mail addresses, and 24-hour technical support.

The initial set up cost is £149.95, followed by a monthly subscription of £39.95.

The web site package includes up to three web pages with 250 words per page, that can feature the intermediary's corporate logo and colour scheme. Hyper links would allow web-visitors to transfer to a related site.

Jill Willis, Norwich Union customer support manager, believes that intermediaries buying a similar service from a specialist web site design company or internet service provider would pay at least £650.

She said:”This is an exclusive offer that could give intermediaries a competitive edge. We've already had a good response, with over 200 brokers contacting us in the first week.”

Norwich Union is also enhancing its Club Online site, which lets intermediaries order stationery on-line and download customer application forms.