I too would like to add my voice to Ian Mantel's praise of Norwich Union (20 February, Insurance Times). We had the same problems as Mantel highlights and were receiving poor service.

I am however glad to report that NU Exeter deserves a gold star for the way it has turned things around. Thanks to Steve & Simon in the package section and Kevin, Sylvia, Mark and Dave in complex commercial.

It is so nice to be able to build up that elusive "relationship" that all insurers are trying to do at the moment.

Best of all, we are getting a fantastic turnaround on quotations and we don't even have a special title like Partner Broker or Platinum Broker. So, well done NU. You deserve a BIG pat on the back.

Phil Warman
Commercial partner
Livingstones Warman Insurance & Financial Services
Yeovil, Somerset.