New Open GI software package offers “new approach” for brokers, insurers and MGAs, says group chief executive Chris Guillaume

Software house Open GI has revealed its latest software solutions offering for MGAs, brokers and insurers.

The new software, which is called Mobius, is available for personal and commercial lines. It can be used in standard and niche sectors. In addition, it is for users of both digital and traditional channels.

It covers policy administration and client management, B2B and B2C solutions, customer self-service portals and API capabilities. It also includes a pricing platform and claims management solution.

Mobius’ collection of applications can be packaged together, or independent applications can be used as required.

Open GI’s group chief executive officer Chris Guillaume commented: “Mobius presents a new approach, for any style of MGA, Broker or Insurer looking to trade in any market. They can take the holistic solution or any number of the individual applications and integrate them with their existing software platforms. 

“We have worked with our customers; both existing and new to ensure we deliver something truly innovative to the market. Mobius brings a new dimension to insurance solutions equipping the industry, as a whole, with a continuous and unique proposition for the future.”