Broker remains committed to Sirius, but signs up for stop-gap deal

Perkins Slade has signed a revised agreement with Misys until August 2005.
But the broker is still committed to implementing its 90-user Sirius for Broking system, which it signed in May.

Perkins Slade operations director John Wade said: "The Sirius system will be fully implemented across all business classes by the end of April 2005.

"We are committed to it. But it made sense to me, after dealing with numerous IT projects over the years, to manage the risk and make sure that there is a system in place until the Sirius for Broking system is finally embedded."

He said that though Misys was "reliable and robust, strategically it doesn't work for us in the long term".

Sirius is implementing the 90-user Sirius for Broking licence across Perkins
Slade's Birmingham and Petersfield sites.

This week, Sirius announced that Fortis had joined its Stargate panel of insurers to trade commercial lines products.

The first products to be available via the platform will be Fortis' shopkeepers, commercial combined and property owners.

Information and quotation data will pass directly from Fortis to the Sirius for Broking system in the broker's office.

Fortis chief executive Barry Smith said: "We are excited by this opportunity to join the Stargate panel, which will further extend our reach into the small business market, with other commercial products to follow.

"This is another step forward in ensuring we maintain first class service to our brokers."