Deal with also help non-SMDF to get a quote on commercial market

Prime Professions has tied up a deal with Quinn Insurance to help Irish solicitors struggling to get professional indemnity (PI).

The scheme is for solicitors who are with the Irish Solicitors’ Mutual Defence Fund (SMDF), but who may want to move back into the commercial market.

As reported in Insurance Times, the future of the SMDF hangs in the balance as London brokers scout the market for reinsurance cover.

Irish solicitors have until 1 December to find an insurer or face being dumped in the Irish assigned risk pool, in which insurers charge very high premiums.

Prime chief executive Tony Blyfield said the scheme would also help non-SMDF solicitors struggling to get a quote on the commercial market.

Blyfield said Prime would partner Irish broker O’Leary in the deal. “We have an exclusive facility with Quinn and believe this can really help solicitors struggling to get a quote. Many still needing help before the deadline.”