?The Prince of Wales heaped praise on the insurance industry at the launch of the ABI’s ClimateWise initiative last week.

The Prince said in the keynote speech: “This is a very important day for the insurance sector. And I am so pleased to be able to congratulate in person those who have been involved and shown such remarkable leadership within the business community.”

He described the initiative, which sets a series of criteria for signatories to abide by in tackling climate change, as showing that “the insurance sector is now in the vanguard” of dealing with climate change.

He added: “Over the years I think I have heard just about every excuse as to why companies can’t work together. But you have proved that this is not the case; that in the face of the almighty threat the world faces from global warming, people can do things they never thought possible. And that is the only way forward for us now.”

Climate change event

Insurance Times is running a one-day event on Climate Change to be held at 1 Great George Street on 9 October