You may care to know about the latest on a very simple claim with Royal & SunAlliance.

Our client is an elderly widow who had water damage to a carpet on 9 August. Knowing a local carpet supplier she contacted him to provide a replacement at a cost of £484.90. This was not good enough for insurers who sent a cheque for £267.27, being the cost of replacement by their preferred supplier less the excess.

Our client decided to proceed with the replacement by the R&SA supplier, but they would not lift the damaged carpet or take it away. On contacting R&SA they informed us that the policy did not cover this. We enquired where in the policy this was excluded. They informed us that it was not, but that they expected their clients to lift and remove such items as carpets and could not understand why we were objecting to this.

I am pleased to say after several phone calls that they have now instructed the suppliers to provide a full service to our client.

The only issue left is, in an effort to save money they have incurred increased claims handling costs themselves, we have a much larger file and the client feels utterly frustrated by the time it has taken thus far.

Rowland Edwards
Weald Insurance Brokers

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