I refer to the letter from Peter West at Acorn Insurance (Letters, 27 January). I regret to note that although West's credentials in the insurance industry are more than likely beyond reproach, he is somewhat mistaken with regard to FSA regulations.

The regulations are in no way related to be in the customer's interest. They are only an excuse by this government to take

3,000 - 4,000 pen-pushers off the unemployment figures and set them up in plush offices at the expense of the broker community.

I have yet to find an existing or new client the least bit interested in allowing us to convey to them the new regulated processes. They are rather jaded at the amount of paperwork they receive, not to mention the resultant destruction of rainforests the size of Brazil every day.

This level of customer apathy to the regulations exists because there never were any problems relating to the professional broker community selling to its customers. Travel agents and motor traders are a diffferent matter. But the FSA, in its divine wisdom, decided that no regulation was required for those sectors.

Name and address withheld