Electronic trading service RI3K is launching three commercial insurance classes by Christmas and another 21 by May 2006.

The first three classes of business to be offered to brokers will be international property, North American property and terrorism. All were expected to be offered by Lloyd's Kinnect platform.

It is understood Kinnect interim chairman Michael Dawson and Lloyd's head of change management and human resources Steven Haasz have been talking to RI3K over recent weeks.

These talks could lead to closer links being forged between Lloyd's and the reinsurance service.

RI3K chief executive Alex Letts said: "In regard to the industry's technological initiatives, it is now not about individual companies and egos, it is about doing what is right for the market."

Letts said that the commercial insurance service will run on the same technology platform as its existing service, and will use the same log-on, interfaces and security.

"If we were to support a direct insurance initiative it would put another £2m on our cost base. That money would need to come from volumes of business through the client base.

"Given the reinsurance service is not trading profitably it would be reasonable to suggest we cannot expect existing shareholders to dig in their pockets for this new initiative," Letts added.

RI3K's largest shareholder is Brit Insurance. It has 150 members registered with 1,000 individual users, trading gross premium of $2bn.

The company recently signed a deal with Xchanging to offer an electronic stamp to fulfil the FSA's contract certainty requirements.