Plan to improve communication with brokers.

RSA plans to improve the way it communicates with brokers through the introduction of a support team for intermediaries.

The broker-focused team, which RSA will begin introducing to brokers across the UK in the coming weeks, will be led by a ‘strategic relationship manager’.

Other people from across the business including accounts, e-business, human resources and marketing, will join the manager as required.

Under the manager there will also be a trading partner, service delivery partner, and claims delivery partner.

Paul Donaldson, managing director, broker at RSA, said: “We’re continually looking at how we can best serve our brokers. We’re strengthening and enhancing our trading capability, while at the same time striving to improve the service we’re providing across our operations and claims areas of the business.

“I have no doubt that these changes will make it quicker and easier for brokers to do business with us.”

Trading partner will work in whatever area or industry sector their customers are in.

The service and claims delivery partners will be central key points for resolving claims and other operational issues.

The new roles were piloted with a small number of brokers, and RSA said the results were positive.

The new support team is for all types of brokers.