Product will provide additional protection for landlords

Saga has appointed Arc Legal Assistance (Arc Legal) to provide landlord legal expenses policy for its new landlord home insurance product.

The policy will provide Saga customers with automatic cover for evicting tenants or recovering possession of the property if the terms of a tenancy agreement are breached.

It will also provide protection in defence of criminal prosecutions under specified gas, electrical equipment, furniture and furnishing regulations, contract disputes and non-tenancy related property damage or infringement.

There are also rent guarantee cover options available.

Arc Legal director Richard Finan said: “We are delighted to have been appointed by Saga to provide their customers with comprehensive and relevant legal expenses coverage.

“Saga have identified that Landlord Legal Expenses Insurance provides essential protection for landlord customers, and have therefore chosen to enrich the core product to include the cover as an automatic benefit, rather than using the cover to generate ancillary income.”

“This deal affirms our position as a leading provider of specialist Legal Expenses products for landlords, and underlines our commitment to grow in this developing market.”