Congratulations on the launch of your new TimesTwo supplement.

I read it thoroughly on Friday and shortly afterwards I was dragged off to do the weekend shop at a well-known supermarket.

As a result, it was with Micheal Faulkner's words still ringing in my ears that I moved through the crowded aisles.

Very quickly I was relating the behaviour of the shoppers around me to the supposed behaviour of personal lines insurance shoppers.

First, I realised that they were not shopping on price at all. There was no rush to fill the trolley with the cheapest of everything, but a determined effort to get the best value. In some cases, my wife took the view, "too cheap, can't be good".

The next thing I noticed was the intensity with which customers read the labels. They were looking at fat, sugar and salt content, calories, ABV and traces of nuts.

This got me thinking - if insurers put their products on supermarket shelves and customers pay as much attention to their contents as they do to the contents of Cornflakes packets, tins of beans, or Winalot, is there likely to be a problem.

It's all in the packaging.

Roy Rodger
Technical & training consultant

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