We all complain we cannot recruit the right people into the industry. And we wonder why. Who do you know that finds our industry exciting? They are almost certainly not going to be the new blood this industry needs.

As an industry we represent 5.1% of the UK's GDP, yet where is our collective voice? When was the last time you saw the insurance industry represented on the news in a positive light?

Anyone who attended Strategy 2002 will realise that there is another way. Over two days over 200 brokers exchanged views with a number of directors from leading UK insurers and positive ground was made.

For once intermediaries and insurers stopped blaming each other and addressed some of the issues we need to face.

Insurance Times has been able to summarise this into five actions points to take forward. The next 12 months may now see some exciting and positive change.

The line has now been drawn in the sand. With the commitment and vision that Insurance Times has shown it is now more than possible that some action finally can be taken to make a real change to the benefit of the industry as a whole.

Can I personally appeal to everyone to take note of what is being done here and provide your support.

As a collective voice we can be heard and a difference can be made to benefit all concerned. If this really is going to happen then this is the time to act and get involved.

Paul Robertson
Midway Insurance Services