Total Broker Solutions (TBS) is in talks with several insurers about deals that will take it beyond its original network proposition.

TBS chief executive Mike Williams confirmed the discussions. He said: "We are actively talking to insurers about how we can harness the relationship with smaller brokers. The model has changed from what we envisaged."

Williams declined to comment on the exact nature of the discussions.

But a source close to the company said its plans involved taking advantage of the current desire of insurers to do more business with small brokers.

"Insurers all want to be in the SME space and they recognise that small brokers provide good quality, profitable small business."

The source said TBS is proposing a solution which will see it, using its Community Broking Services (CBS) proposition, act as an "interface" to "manage" the relationship between insurers and small brokers.

"Insurers want to get closer to small brokers but small brokers don't trust them," the source said.

"TBS is taking advantage of this situation by promoting itself as

the solution to deliver enhanced relationships."

AXA and Norwich Union are understood to be among the insurers in discussions with TBS.

TBS is also understood to be offering itself as a "friendly home" for certain segments of brokers' business that insurers do not want to write, but with whom they want to maintain a relationship.

Meanwhile, the official launch of CBS and the unveiling of membership numbers for both CBS and the larger broker proposition, TBS, has been delayed until late April.

Williams said the company is in "active talks" with 287 brokers interested in joining CBS.