Adrian Flux cans controversial Flux Babes promotional girls initiative amid changing times

Adrian Flux general manager Paul Twite has confirmed that the Flux Babes are no more.

In February, Twite confirmed that 2018 would be the last year that the scantily-clad girls featured in the broker’s glamour calendar.

Now, in a climate of protest over the treatment of women in the workplace in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, it seems the Flux Babes no longer have any place in the modern insurance industry.

Following a strategy meeting in March, Adrian Flux has decided to completely end the initiative, which saw female employees in its sales, claims, customer service and underwriting departments volunteer to pose for its calendar, appear at events and feature on social media.

Describing the female volunteers, Twite explained: “For the company, they know everything there is to know about car and motorcycle insurance and travel the country to attend car and bike shows to help advise our customers.”

Twite added that the girls “enjoyed being part of” the promotional annual calendar.

However, Twite believes that “times have changed” and the Flux Babes concept “does not reflect the present views of modern day society.”

The broker had previously drawn the ire of Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) chief executive Sian Fisher, who questioned the message the Flux Babes sent out about the industry.

The initiative’s future was “constantly under review” before it was cancelled, the broking boss said.

Twite commented: “Our use of promotional girls has been under constant review and we came to a final decision to end the Flux Babes initiative in March 2018. Before then, we were winding down the social media accounts, the in-person appearances and had decided the 2018 calendar would be the last.”