Sonny Bono, ex-husband of film star Cher, and Princess Caroline of Monaco are just two of the better known victims of skiing accidents.

But the recent conviction of a man who collided with and killed another skier has heightened insurers' concerns over “piste traffic accidents”.

The case, although it occurred in the US, is seen as the start of a dangerous slippery slope, particularly for British skiers not used to US compensation culture.

Primary Insurance says: “Our European and American counterparts are much more familiar with their legal rights, with claims often running into thousands of pounds.”

Claims for ski liability can include costs such as medical treatment in resort, medication and on-going prescriptions, air lifts, damages for emotional distress and loss of earnings. So the insurer advises skiers to treat any collision as a motor claim and draw a map of their incident to ensure their claim is successful. Primary has helpfully provided an example map above.