Town & Country Assistance has added one of the biggest names in the security industry to its list of corporate clients in a new deal announced this week.

Town & Country is to provide accident management, claims handling, uninsured loss recovery and third party claims handling for Securicor Cash Services.
Town & Country, which offers bespoke risk management solutions direct to corporate clients and insurers, declined to say how much the deal was worth.

Securicor operates a fleet of 1,800 vehicles providing cash transport services for all the UK's major banks as well as a number of high street names. It also has a nationwide branch network.

Securicor managing director Ken Niven said Town & Country won the contract because it was able to demonstrate the efficiency of its operation. "Getting vehicles back on the road after accidents is absolutely key to our business," he said.

"Speeding up and resolving the claims process with the aid of Town & Country's technology will bring great advantages."