Israel has been branded a no-go area by some travel insurers, after last week's suicide bomb attacks in Tel Aviv.

A number of travel insurers are refusing to cover people travelling to Israel, a popular winter holiday destination, and those travelling to Pakistan.

Policy restrictions have also been introduced on the US following the11 September attacks.

Insurers have come under fire from the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) for excluding the whole of Israel in their policies. A spokeswoman said the Foreign Office is currently advising against travel only to the West Bank and Gaza.

"The Foreign Office is not changing its advice on travel to Eilat or Tel Aviv, so it seems some insurers are being harsh on this occasion," she said.

Columbus Direct and Insure & Go are among those insurers who will not cover anyone travelling to Israel or Pakistan.

Columbus is also refusing, until further notice, cover for cancellation or delays to their journey for those travelling to the US.