Travelers has made a number of promotions within its Lloyd's operation Travelers Syndicate Management (Syndicate 5000).

Alan Prestwich, previously head of the marine team, has been promoted to senior business unit head.

Prestwich will support the global property, power & utilities and marine teams.

He has been replaced by Graham Gorsuch, who has been promoted to marine business unit head.

Gorsuch was previously deputy head of marine, concentrating on the hull account. He now has executive responsibility for the management of all lines of business in the marine unit.

Andrew Corton takes on leadership of the cargo account as senior cargo underwriter. Corton joined the company in 2004 as a project cargo underwriter.

Jason Stephenson has been promoted to senior underwriter for yachts after joining Travelers in 2008.

Travelers Europe chief executive Sean Genden, said: “This is an exciting evolution within our marine business, recognizing our highly talented leaders for helping to drive profitable growth.

"We are delighted to have such an experienced marine team and these actions reinforce our commitment to the marine industry, our customers and our brokers.”