Independent research tells us that all motorists want to see more realistic punishment of motor non-insurance. Costing the industry £300m per year and thus adding about £30 a year to every motor insurance premium, the average penalty is around £150 when caught - and far too few are caught.

With 1.5 million drivers uninsured, only about one eighth are ever in court and the ultimate penalty - take the vehicle until the fine is fully paid - seems to be ignored. Why?

Uninsured drivers should be fined a minimum of three years' cost of their car's premium, because they have probably been uninsured for years.

Many uninsureds are also without road tax, another scandal about which nothing seems to be done.

Now I read that the new "index" of claims is a bit of a fiasco. Has this government no staff who can draft sensible rules and regulations - not even the minister concerned?

J H Green

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