Finance union Unifi is asking members to contact it if they have been asked to apply for unsuitable jobs during an insurance company merger.

Mike Cooke, Unifi spokesman, said he had heard anecdotal reports from insurance industry representatives that staff were being offered new roles lacking detailed job descriptions.

Staff taking up these so-called generic jobs might later find they are not eligible for redundancy payments for losing their old roles.

This follows the Russell Griffiths case, in which the former underwriting manager was forced to re-apply for his job after losing 40% of his responsibilities.

Griffiths sued his employer Norwich Union (NU) and won his case for breach of contract in Brighton County Court in January.

Last week, NU lost its appeal against the judgment and agreed to pay Griffiths an undisclosed payment and his legal costs.

Cooke said: “We understand that there is a problem with generic jobs and we are appealing for members to contact us so that we can find out as much as we can.”

He stressed that the problem of staff being offered non-specific jobs in insurers undergoing mergers was not one that was confined to a particular company.