Vodafone will support Admiral in analysing real time driving behaviour, and sharing it with customers through an online dashboard

Vodafone has become the digital telematics partner for Admiral Insurance.

As part of the new agreement, Vodafone will provide the underlying telematics services for the Admiral LittleBox offer, including devices, connectivity, data management, crash analysis and safety related services.

The service provides Admiral with detailed driving data that can be shared with the customer through an online dashboard. It will display driver scores and deliver updates, which both companies hope will allow discounted premiums.

Vodafone will also be able to provide Admiral with detailed information on crash situations, helping the company to digitise the overall claims process.

Admiral Insurance’s head of telematics, Gunnar Peters said: “Admiral always wants to encourage safer driving and telematics gives us the ability to reward good drivers whilst helping all our customers to become better drivers. We are excited by the prospect of having an innovative partnership with Vodafone and we are impressed by what they can offer our customers now and in the future.”

Vodafone is also able to offer Admiral many extra services such as a managed stolen vehicle recovery capability which will build on the Vodafone’s existing network of secure operating centres across Europe.

Vodafone director of automotive, Gion Baker said: “The advantages of telematics technology is being felt well beyond the car. We are seeing forward thinking insurance companies like Admiral using it as a digital bridge to their customers allowing them to get closer to them and to better understand their needs.”