Insurers hate claims, but Backchat is certain they will love hearing about this latest set of claim calamities from

It isn’t just other road users that motorists need to keep an eye on, with naked pedestrians, squirrels and human error among the hazards cited.

For starters, did you hear the one about the driver who managed to fill her tank with the wrong substance after mistaking shampoo for a container of petrol?

Or the Harrier jet that was blamed for an incident when a motorist reported his windscreen melted when the aircraft crash-landed nearby and burst into flames? Another windscreen was destroyed by a squirrel throwing a nut from a tree overhead.

It doesn’t stop there. CCTV footage revealed a rowdy camel kicking out and damaging a car parked at a garden centre, while another vehicle was battered by a weary horse who decided to sit on the bonnet for a rest.

Aside from animal attacks, one car was damaged when a naked pedestrian jumped on the bonnet, leapt onto the roof, jumped up and down and then ran away, while in a separate incident a car was hit when the driver of the vehicle behind was distracted by four women in mini-skirts walking by.

Brian Martin, managing director of, said: “From nut-wielding squirrels, naked pedestrians and aircraft, these strange incidents go to show drivers need to be aware of their surroundings all the time.” Keep an eye on those squirrels.