World Trade Centre leaseholder Larry Silverstein's battle with 20 leading insurers resumes in court this week with Swiss Re claiming it cannot lose.

Swiss Re claimed the insurers could not lose the battle with Silverstein, who aims to overturn an earlier judgment that found the destruction of the twin towers was one event for three insurers.

He claims the 11 Sept-ember attacks constituted two events, entitling him to a payout of $7bn (£4.3bn).

Jacques Dubois, chairman, chief executive and president of Swiss Re America, said it was a "no-lose situation". He said: "The facts will be included in the main trial, where they will be very beneficial to the insurers' case."

But Silverstein's legal team, led by Marc Wolinsky, said: "We think we are right and are hopeful we will prevail. If we win there will be increased pressure on the insurance companies. If we lose the court will rule that a jury should decide."