The Wenlok Jug was recovered following a joint investigation between Zurich and Luton Police

A medieval jug that was stolen from Stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton has been restored to the museum, following a joint investigation between Zurich and the police.

The Wenlok Jug was stolen during a burglary in May 2012 from a high security display cabinet.

Following an in depth investigation the jug, which was valued at £750,000, was discovered in September 2012.

Zurich insured the collection at the centre and supported the police in their investigation as well as offering a reward of £25,000 for its safe return.

However, before it could be returned back to the museum, the jug had to undergo some minor conservation work and new security protocols had to be put in place.

The jug which is made of bronze, is decorated with coats of arms, badges and is inscribed with the words My Lord Wenlok.

Paul Redington from Zurich Major Loss Claims team said: “We fully realise the importance of the Wenlok Jug both to the museum and to the people of Luton, which is why we worked so determinedly and quickly to return this important artefact to its home. This irreplaceable piece of local history can now be enjoyed by future generations.”

Director of Arts and Museums at Luton Culture Karen Perkins added: “We are delighted that such a treasured artefact is going back on display for the whole community to enjoy.

“We have taken our time to make absolutely sure that all necessary measures have been put in place to keep the Wenlok Jug safe and secure, here, where it belongs.”