Brokers should see a difference in Zurich’s personal lines service levels during the second half of this year, the insurer said this week.

The insurance giant’s personal lines call centre has been centralised in Cardiff since January 2007. This follows the restructuring of the division which saw redundancies and the closure of Zurich call centres across the country.

David Smith, managing director of Zurich’s broker division told Insurance Times: “Being in one location means we can provide a much more consistent level of service.”

But Smith was adamant that Zurich’s commercial lines offices were not under threat. “Our branches in all major cities are important for face to face underwriting,” he said.

He added that Zurich’s new Broker Alliance proposition (News, 7 December 2006) had 600 members and the development of its eight broker propositions, a culmination of five years work, was complete.

The propositions include: personal lines, package, SME, corporate, property investors, construction, high net worth and pleasure craft.