What is there to complain about this week?

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The vast quantities of data that insurance companies now collect, from telematics information to fraud detection data, means that new legal risks have emerged for insurers. The Technology and its role in liability insurance report, by law firm DAC Beachcroft, said that higher volumes of data have created significant challenges in respect of data security, ownership, sharing and privacy.

One-third of UK chartered brokers risk being fined by the FSA because their website lacks clear FSA statements or links to statements. A review of UK chartered broker websites was commissioned by AXA Commercial Lines and Personal Intermediary. It also found that one in 10 brokers had the FSA logo on their homepage, in contravention to the FSA’s licensed use.

A fraudster who pestered a member of staff at 1st Central Insurance Management has been ordered to pay compensation to the employee. Steve Seror, 51, was given a six-month community order and two-month curfew for application fraud at the City of London Magistrates’ Court.