‘It’s a busy few days of panicked press officers, former rugby stars and anonymous tip-offs’

Ping! A press release accidentally arrives in my inbox, a day before the stock market is meant to know. I get a panicked call from a press officer. Lucky for them, I’m a nice man.

Off to Leicester for the final IT Pack session at the city’s rugby club. Former England rugby star Kyran Bracken gives an inspiring talk to the brokers. Nice bloke as well.

I receive a business report on how confidence within the insurance sector is plummeting. It comes as the FTSE ends a horrible week, with insurers taking the pain as shares slide further. And now we’re about to enter October, that dreaded month of stock market crashes.

I get an anonymous letter telling me a broker is in trouble having lost their agency. I feel like a detective in a bad murder mystery novel.

It’s deadline day and I’m making calls after a few tip-offs.