Kent-based loss adjuster Carmichaels has strongly disputed research by rival firm PCS which found insurers were less concerned about service levels than they were about industry track record and price (Insurance Times, November 25).

Partner Keith Curling described the findings as "unbelievable" and said that his firm would not stay in business if service standards slipped.

The research was carried out by PCS amongst 60 insurance firms to assess the current state of the loss adjusting sector and analyse future trends. Most insurers said they expected service standards to slip because of panel alterations.

"Carmichaels and the policyholders we deal with are fortunate insofar as the insurers for whom we work are most concerned that service criteria are maintained and we have no intention, survey or no survey, to allow our service standards to deteriorate," Curling said. "If we did, I cannot believe that we would stay in business very long."