ABI members fully back the need for reform of the UK compensation system - "ABI faces revolt from ATE insurers" (News, 8 June).

This includes the need to raise the small claims limit, on which we will shortly publishing further evidence to support our case.

Our reform proposals were developed working closely with our members, and include support from several leading major legal expenses insurers.

Some of these are represented on the ABI's general insurance committee, so have a strong voice within the ABI.

By representing all general insurers, the ABI is able to build up a powerful and increasingly persuasive argument for reform of personal injury compensation.

This is why we are attracting a growing number of backers, including Citizens Advice, Rospa, and local authorities, among others.

We are working with all our members to deliver our shared goal, while recognising that all sides need to rise to the challenge of change.

Justin Jacobs
Head of liability and motor