The comments made in "Insurers must toughen up on climate change" (News, 26 October) do not reflect the important and prominent role that the ABI is playing in the climate change debate.

Tackling the impacts of climate change is a key priority for the ABI. The government, MPs and informed commentators all recognise the key role the industry is playing in managing and mitigating the financial and social costs. Our research last year into the likely increase in the damage costs of severe weather worldwide was welcomed as a ground -breaking contribution to international discussions.

Closer to home, we are stepping up the pressure on the government to honour commitments it has made to continue the sustained investment in the UK's flood defences. And we are warning that future development on the floodplain could seriously threaten the continued availability of flood insurance in flood risk areas.

At the ABI's second annual Climate Change Conference on 7 November we will be publishing research highlighting the impact of rising sea levels on storm surge risks.

Jane Milne, Head of property, ABI