Company later withdraws quote, saying he should never have been sent a renewal

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A 98-year old World War 2 veteran was quoted £20,000 to renew his car insurance, according to the Daily Mail.

Welshman Ron Jones, a driver for 69 years, said his renewal notice from insurer Ageas raised the premium from the £3,000 he was charged last year, even though he’s had no accidents in his Vauxhall car.

“I got my first car in 1946 and have been driving ever since. Before I was 65 I was paying £200 to £300,” Jones said.

“It seems the quote is based purely on my age as I am physically and mentally capable of driving.

“I never expected to have a quote of £20,000 so I will have to give my driving up.”

He said that, without his car, he will have to give up selling poppies for the Royal British Legion, and giving talks to schoolchildren about his experiences in the war.

Jones was captured by the Germans in North Africa and was imprisoned at Aushwitz.

The Daily Mail said Ageas withdrew the quote, and cited a spokesman for the company saying a renewal quote should never have been issued to Jones as he no longer met the company’s “eligibility criteria”.

“Mr Jones should not have received a renewal invitation from us for his car insurance policy this year,” the spokesman told the newspaper. “This was issued in error and we are currently investigating the reasons behind this.”