Brokerage Affinity Insurance Marketing (AIM) is suing Misys subsidiary Penta for £15,000 in compensation after it claimed the software house failed to deliver a household quotation system during the mid-1990s.

The move by AIM is a counter punch after it was sued by Penta for £5,000 after not paying an invoice.

AIM was a pioneer of contacting policyholders' friends and families to sell them insurance. Prior to ordering a system called Dwella from Penta, AIM used a Policy Master system.

Alan Bowman, who was a director at AIM before it was taken over by Telesure, said that at the time, AIM was growing rapidly and needed a new household system to cope with demand.

AIM's claim is for costs incurred for paying staff overtime while Penta did not deliver that system. Initial proceedings will take place on February 18 at Brighton County Court.