Provincial broker scheme extended after success of Kent pilot scheme

Allianz Cornhill is to roll out its enhanced support service for small provincial brokers following a successful pilot in Kent.

Chris Hanks, general manager, commercial lines at Allianz Cornhill, said the service offering would be offered to all small brokers in the South East who wanted to take part in the initiative.

The area involved will stretch from the Thames Estuary to Dorset.

"We will run this in the South East for the rest of the year, and then look to go to the North," said Hanks.

Hanks, who launched the pilot in January this year, said the initiative had been a success.

Some brokers had massively increased the amount of business they placed with Allianz Cornhill, he said. "We have met and started using brokers that we didn't talk to before."

Under the pilot, small brokers had access to a dedicated team and marketing support to help them develop their Allianz accounts.

The insurer has approximately 2,500 agencies nationwide. Only those firms who indicated they wanted to work more closely with the company would be part of the roll-out.