Brokers have said that the appointment marks a show of support from Aviva towards the broker model

The appointment of Maurice Tulloch as Aviva’s new chief executive is a sign of support for the broker model, brokers have said.

Tulloch, the former head of UK & Ireland GI before taking over the insurer’s international operations in 2017, is one of the “most inspirational” people Brokerbility chair Ashwin Mistry said he has worked with.

And he said he was “extremely happy” with the appointment.

“It’s an excellent move,” Mistry said. “It is an overdue appointment because they’ve been looking for a CEO for some time, but the thing that Maurice does bring to the party is he gets GI, which is fundamentally important.

“Any leader of an insurer in GI that comes from a background that isn’t in insurance is always at a slight handicap, so on this occasion, it’s the right move.

“It was a sad loss when we lost him to global and it’s great to have him back.”

Broker support

Peter Blanc, chief executive of Aston Lark, said he was delighted at the appointment and that Tulloch had been the candidate the broker had “always wanted to get the top job.”

Blanc added: “He understands the broker market and knows most of the CEOs in the broker space well – so we’re delighted with their choice.

“It also shows that the Aviva main board remain supportive of the broker first strategy in the UK, which is great to see. I’m sure he’ll be a great success.”

Be Wiser chairman Mark Bower-Dyke said off the back of the appointment he could foresee Aviva strengthening their position in the broker market.

“I don’t think the appointment is about going direct,” he said. “Aviva needs to concentrate on the broker market. That’s where their history is and it should be where their future lies.

“This appointment could be ideal for ensuring that happens.”

But Bower-Dyke said it would take time to realise the full impact of the decision.

“Like all appointments you’ve got to wait and see what happens,” he said.

“There won’t be any knee-jerk reactions, it will take him some time to get his feet under the table and if he wants to steer the company in a particular direction that’s also going to take a bit of time.”