Three insurance providers have had complaints made against them to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld.

Bedfordshire-based Family Insurance Advisory Services, Doncaster firm One Call Insurance and Hill House Hammond were all told by the authority to change their advertising because in each case it was misleading.

Family Insurance was criticised over a direct mailshot for its Fourway Accident Cash Plan. Complainants from London and West Yorkshire said a cash prize included in the offer was unwinnable without purchasing a policy.

The mailshot had said: "Stunning News! (recipient's name) has won a cash award... could be £25,000."

A company called Insure objected to a directory advertisement from One Call Insurance which read "Cheapest Car Insurance Guaranteed…1 Call…insurance". The authority found in favour of the complainant, which said the advertisement gave the impression that the quotes on offer would beat all competition – which was not the case.

Hill House Hammond also had a complaint against it upheld for an advertisement in a magazine that said: "Renault owners! Paying over £125? Call our hotline now to see how prices compare." The complainant, who was from Surrey, said this gave the impression that HHH's quotes would be lower than £125, which was not always the case. In fact, he had been quoted £188 to insure his Renault.

HHH said the advert had merely been an invitation to compare prices and that readers of car magazines, where the advert had been placed, would appreciate this.

Hill House Hammond was told to reword the advert to make it clear that it did not usually offer premiums for under £125.