What is there to complain about this week?

Uninsured cars
Following the seizure of the UK’s millionth uninsured vehicle by police, AA Insurance has warned the battle is far from over. The insurance broker estimates 1.2 million vehicles are still uninsured and has called for tougher fines to combat the problem.

Travel insurance
More than one-quarter of the UK’s grandparents do not intend to take out travel insurance for a holiday with their grandchildren, according to RIAS research. This contrasts with findings that 56% of grandparents stated safety is their main concern when looking after their grandchildren.

Business crime
Levels of crime committed against UK businesses have increased by 16% in the worst-hit areas, according to AXA research. Halifax climbed up 56 places to become the worst-affected area in the UK.

A 28-year-old man was arrested and cautioned for trying to defraud RSA by making a bogus compensation claim using images of a wound taken from the internet. He said he had suffered a serious injury at a gym, but had suffered only a paper cut.

Balcony jumpers
Balcony-jumping figures in Majorca and Ibiza resorts have already matched those of 2011, despite the season being only halfway through. In response, the Foreign Office and the Association of British Travel Agents has launched a campaign to prevent balcony-related incidents involving young people on holiday.