Insurer improves its products following broker feedback

Aviva has completed a revamp of its personal lines offering for brokers.

Business development director John Kennedy said that Aviva had “listened and learned” from brokers, who were crying out for a level playing field with Aviva Direct, the insurer’s online products.

Kennedy said Aviva’s new web-based offering, Personal Best, which had a prototype rolled out to brokers in July, had been tweaked following broker feedback and was almost complete.

Personal Best offers brokers deals such as 12 months for the price of 10 in motor and free contents with a combined policy on household.

Aviva has also improved its Powerpoint products, which brokers can access through the software houses. Powerpoint went live with Insurecom last week and software giants SSP and Open GI will soon follow.

Powerpoint gives brokers a more “accurate and competitive” outcome, Kennedy said. “This is Aviva getting serious with personal lines. We do hear what brokers say.

“We want to be tied with thousands of regional brokers and this is the way to do it.”