The insurer has published 14 documents for brokers detailing the most common reasons a claim is denied

Handwritten Insurance Claim Form with pen and calculator

AXA has launched a transparency initiative, Making Claims Clear, to help brokers improve their clients’ understanding of what is and isn’t covered by a policy.

The insurer has rolled out a suite of 14 documents that explain the most common reasons for a claim being repudiated as well as the most important exclusions that customers should be aware of when taking out a policy.

The initiative was launched in partnership with Biba off the back of research on the main complaint triggers during the claims process.

It was found that the main cause of complaint was a lack of clarity on the part of customers over what was and wasn’t covered by their policy.

Although repudiated claims account for a low percentage of all claims handled, they result in almost 50% of all complaints received.

AXA head of commercial property claims Martin Ashfield said : “It is so important that customers understand not only what they are covered for but what they are not covered for when they take out a policy.

“As an insurer, we have a responsibility to be absolutely clear with our customers about what cover they can and cannot expect and we want to work with brokers to ensure that this largely needless friction is avoided as much as possible. These documents will go some way to achieving that goal.”

And Ashfield said the 14 documents already released were just the first step in the Making Claims Clear initiative.

“We made the broker market aware of our intentions in this space some time ago and I am delighted that we are now in a position to make these documents available to all our broker partners,” he said.

“But this is just the start. We have 25 more documents relating to claims currently in production and these will be made available on Connect over the coming months. We intend to apply the same principles of transparency, clarity and simplicity to our fraud, risk management and underwriting processes as the project develops over time.”

Biba chief executive Steve White said: “We welcome the new guides from AXA. They will be a helpful tool for brokers to use with their clients and will play a key role in enhancing clarity with customers.

“The Claims Working Group, chaired by Biba, has placed improved customer understanding at the top of its agenda so we are pleased that these guides will take an important step towards addressing this issue.”

The documents already released are available for download on the AXA Connect website.