AXA boosts revenue in the UK - following significant price increases on commercial 

AXA today revealed it put prices increases on UK commercial general insurance renewals by 5.1% in the past 12 months.

The increases on UK commercial, largely made up of broking business, is by far the most in its global business, with next biggest increase of 2.7% in Spain.

In personal lines, AXA pushed up rates 3.9% on its UK general insurance book compared to the first quarter last year.

Revenue increases 

The rate increases helped AXA boost UK revenues 2%, and it was commercial motor which fuelled the growth. 

AXA’s revenues jumped significantly in UK commercial motor, increasing 7% to €173m.

Commercial non-motor also increased a fair amount - up 5% to €214m. 

“AXA has delivered a strong operating performance in the first quarter of 2018”, said deputy chief executive Gérald Harlin said.

“We are growing our topline, with a continued focus on profitability and shift towards preferred segments, in line with our Ambition 2020.”

AXA UK price increases 

  Personal lines Commercial lines (renewals only) 
 2018 Q1 v 2017 Q1  3.9%  5.1%

AXA revenue jumps

 AXA revenues in UK Q1 2018 v Q1 2017 Gross revenue Change
 Personal motor   €301m   +2%
 Non personal motor  €147  -5%
 Commercial motor  €173  +7%
Commercial non motor €214 +5%
Total UK GI €835 +2%

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