AXA’s technology partner for Apple Watch telematics app believes new release is a winner 

The technology partner which helped AXA build its telematics app for the Apple Watch predicts the French insurer will win over many fans with the new release.

AXA has released a telematics app for the Apple Watch - called Drive Coach - which has been described as ‘cool’ and a winner for young customers. 

The app was swiftly built using, NoSQL database MongoDB.

MongonDB chief executive Dev Ittycheria said: “People don’t view AXA as a traditional insurer anymore, they view it as [a provider] of cutting-edge technology.”

According to Computing, Ittycheria said: “AXA wanted to build a really cool app for the Apple Watch, and they called it Drive Coach.

“It allows users to monitor their driving behaviour [and answer questions such as]: How good a driver am I? How aggressive am I? How fast do I drive? How do I take turns? How do I brake?… and it gives feedback on how safe they are and what they can do to become an even better driver.”