Axa Re and Axa Global are to join forces to provide brokers and customers with a one-stop service in a major review of operations geared at enhancing client relations.

The initiative will see the formation of a single holding company for Axa's reinsurance and global risks arms, effectively putting its range of international services and specialists under one corporate roof.

A number of new services and consultancy initiatives are in the pipeline aimed at further streamlining operations. The move comes against a backdrop of clients taking a greater interest in self insurance and growing interest in mechanisms like alternative risk transfer.

"This is a major public relations exercise in getting closer to our customer base. We view the fee service to clients as something we have not marketed well," said Axa Global Risks UK chief executive James Morgan.

"If we aren't able to bring the service aspect to business more, then we are damaging an opportunity that we foresee exists into the 21st century."

The initiative kicks off with an internal review that will last until next January.