Can it really be true? Is there really a way of making dosh at the expense of a healthcare insurer? Backchat reckons there is.

A couple of weeks back, Standard Life Healthcare was kind enough to invite Backchat to the Association of British Insurer's annual media awards bash.

To make matters more interesting, Backchat had a bet with SLH's managing director Mike Hall about which papers would pick up which awards. At a rate of £1 per award, Backchat was risking up to 25% of his monthly pay packet.

Fortunately, while Hall may be a first-class managing director, media buff he aint. Backchat ended the night a whole pound up. Unfortunately though, Hall only had 80p in very small change on him (the usual excuse from an insurer).

Backchat forgot all about the bet until last week, when he bumped into Hall's trusty right-hand man, intermediary manager Iain McMillan.

“Your mate owes me 20p,” Backchat piped up.

“By mate, do you mean my boss?” McMillan, a Scot, replied. To his credit McMillan got 50p from his wallet and slung it across the table.

“I'm always paying his ****** debts,” McMillan muttered begrudgingly.

So there you have it, a £1.30 profit out of a healthcare insurer, pretty good going.