"Hmph". That's all Backchat's got to say.

Everyone knows that the only people entitled to jollies (pleasant days out where one doesn't lift one's finger) are journos.

Jollies are exclusively the domain of us hacks and they console us as we watch our colleagues in advertising turn up in their Porches and Rollers (okay, so I'm exaggerating a bit).

So it was with no relish that Backchat learned that our ad manager, Sue Hirst, is off to a health spa courtesy of the dastardly insurer, Iron Trades.

Allegedly, Sue won on some silly computer game hosted by the insurer at the recent Airmic bash in Birmingham. Allegedly – because we can't believe it's true – she was better than any of the other competitors at landing some parachute thingy onto a target thingy.

So now she is off to a health spa – she's taking the publisher Sarah Tunstall – where pampering and serenity will rule supreme.

"Hmph". That's all Backchat's got to say, but I'm not bitter.