Biba has partnered with Integritas to advise members on how to secure the right financial package for their businessBiba has launched a new funding facility with finance brokers Integritas to help members get access to funding.

 Integritas will advise Biba members on how to secure the right financial package for their business.

Biba members will have access to three packages.

Special rates will be available to brokers who undergo a readiness review, which evaluates and assesses the key information about a business.

Under the Fund Finder service, Integritas helps the broker prepare a lending pack to be presented to lenders and will support them in negotiating an offer.

Integritas also offers a consultancy service for brokers already working with one or two banks, but who want to test the wider market.

Biba head of technical service Mike Hallam said: “Many brokers, especially small brokers, will know very little about trying to obtain finance and it is not something that can be guessed at.

“Integritas has the knowledge to guide brokers through the process and even has preferable terms agreed with some providers to offer brokers better deals than going direct.”

Integritas director Paul Saunders added: “We are experienced bankers who understand the sector and are on the broker’s side, helping at every stage of the process to achieve the funding objectives.

“We are here to help and ensure that brokers have the best chance of success along with saving both time and money. This remains a difficult market and you only get one chance to get it right.”



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